Bare Breeze - Air Them

Hemsley London returns to London Fashion Week with a strong presence for the brand’s second capsule collection Bare Breeze - Air Them.

The collection reflects upon the designers experience of the pandemic and the need to cultivate ones on space for reflection, self development and recognising what is right does not always conform to the majority. It builds upon Hemsley’s previous collection Don’t Be A Passenger, taking the sense of freedom to new levels.

'“ I am interested in the idea of flotation and fucking with gravity’ says Hemsley. ‘I’ve always been mystified by the concept of flying, but ultimately the strength, determination and dedication with which the brands muses Coleman and Dare fought for their passion and rejected gravity compelled me to design a collection to express the feeling of freedom and empowerment.

Don’t Be A Passenger

Hemsley London's "Don’t Be A Passenger" collection finds inspiration in aviation and female pioneers like Bessie Coleman. The genderless line, featuring eight looks, celebrates freedom amid Britain's political climate. Departing from its previous minimalism, the collection embraces loose silhouettes in grey, white, black, and orange, with green accents adding freshness. Modern text overlays prints of Coleman and Dare, while orange splashes evoke aviation safety. This marks a rebirth for Hemsley, reflecting a shift towards relaxed designs and a transformed color palette, embodying the brand's ethos of empowerment and individuality amidst societal pressures and the pandemic's challenges.