HEMSLEY LONDON EMPOWER is dedicated towards advancing education and empowering young people from under-represented and low income backgrounds through creative and design skills training.

    We believe that every young individual deserves an equal opportunity to explore their talents and build a promising future.

In our efforts to make a meaningful impact we have planned a range of events, programs, workshops and other initiatives that provide hands on training, mentorships and access to resources in the field of fashion, creative arts and design.


Kicking off our first online Q&A session with Jayne - Among other things get a chance to learn more about: her experience in the industry, the journey of Hemsley London, what drives her creativity and how she builds a collection.


Sign up to our Design Workshops and learn more about: Moodboards, Illustration, CAD Drawings, Tech Packs and Pattern Cutting, and Digital Screen Printing in our Design Workshops.


In our Branding & Social Media workshops, you will get a chance to learn about Marketing: How to start up your own brand, sell your products online, make a website and create social media content for your own business